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   HSR services include consultation in

evaluation and research, form and tool

development, data entry and analysis,

report generation, computer software

development and training.   HSR has

provided services to state and federal

governments, universities, profit and

non-profit organizations, and individuals.

   HSR provides consultation in  a variety

of areas with a variety of team members

pulled from universities and the private

industry to fit  your needs.  In cases

where  evaluation is an  integral  part  of

the learning organization: HSR has been 

involved in strategic  planning, program 

and  curriculum  development, proposal

writing,  management information

systems, and  evaluation (facilitating

and/or  conducting).  In cases  specific to

a grant or funder: HSR assisted in 

matching evaluation tools to fit the 

goals of the project.

  HSR provides services on-site and

off-site.  For example, HSR can develop

data screens for on-site data entry (web-

based or stand-alone) or data can be

sent to HSR for off-site processing,

analysis and  report generation.  One of 

HSR's newest service is in  the area of

collaboration training (both  conducting

and evaluating), which is linked to one of

it's newest products: Collaboration 

CD-ROM Training Program.  

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