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   In 1994, Dr. Bruce Haas  created

Human Service Research, Inc. to

meet a growing need of organizations

to assess and evaluate the impact of

their programs.  He also saw the need

to help organizations change their

paradigm of why organizations

need evaluation and information

systems. The new paradigm places

evaluation and information systems

as an integral part of a learning

organization.  Bruce also saw the

need to work in teams to meet the

multiple needs of HSR's customers.

Through teams, HSR developed a

greater repertoire of skills that enabled

it to be more comprehensive, cutting

edge (sometimes bleeding), more

equipped to deal with obstacles and


  One of HSR's major team member is

Mike Jensen who has tremendous

experience in technology, distance

learning/teaching, extension programs,

and forestry.  Other key team members

include Dr. Daniel (Danny) Perkins from

Florida University and Dr. Lynne

Borden from The Ohio State University. 

Both Danny and Lynne have extensive

knowledge and skills in collaboration,

youth development, and training.

For more information, contact us.

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